Lunch menu 20.-24.11.2017


Carrot puree soup with ginger (L, G)
Oven baked potato with goat cheese and spinach (G)


Creamy salmon soup (L, G)
Oven baked potato with brie and pecan (L, G)


Chicken soup Indian style (L, G)
Oven baked potato with avocado and egg (L, G)


TOMATO-goat cheese soup (G) 
Oven baked potato with hot-smoked salmon and cashew (L, G)


Mushroom soup with bacon (L, G)
Ovenbaked potato with mozzarella and arugula (G)

L = lactose free, G = gluten free,  M = dairy free

Our lunch time is from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 15:00. During the lunch we serve an oven baked potato and a soup of the day. We also have a miscellaneous salad buffet of fresh and high quality ingredients.
 Fresh, well-rounded and nutritional salad meal is choice for a heavy lunch.

The price of the lunch portion of oven baked potato is 9,20 € and the soup is 8,20 €.

When collecting salad meal ingredients is important to have among the others protein, carb, fat, color and of course taste. 
The pricing of our salad buffet has two different ways: portions under 500 g is based on the weight, the price is 24,90 €/kg and portions over 500 g costs always 12,50 €. When you collect as much and what you want, you get exactly a portion what you can eat – no waste.

All salads and oven baked potatoes on the menu are available also during the lunch time.

Bread (also gluten free), butter, water and brewed tea of the day or Löfbergs’ organic fair trade filtered coffee is included in all portions during the lunch time. All portions are available also to take away.